Michelle Stafford

It was during my treatment for breast cancer that I received a group healing at Gaia’s. I was undergoing chemotherapy and having a very difficult time managing the symptoms and, frankly, wasn’t sure I could continue. My friend collaborated with Blair, and then drove me to the garden where a total of eight healing practitioners surrounded me as I laid on the massage table. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and being outdoors in the presence of the nature realm was absolutely vital in my healing, let alone the amazing healers, guides, ancestors, and angels that were there! The vibration was so high that I was quickly transformed into a deep meditative state where I received insights and visions regarding my health and the conditions of humanity. In that state I couldn’t feel the pain in my body or the anxiety in my mind, I felt only an enormous, overflowing abundance of Love! After that session I was better able to manage my symptoms and can happily report that I am now cancer free, which I don’t think I could say if it wasn’t for Gaia’s Peace Garden. It was a magical experience and I highly recommend it to anyone in a state of suffering or undergoing a health crisis. I am forever grateful for the gift I received! Namaste.


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