Who am I?

I am a 66 year young man happily married and live at a place we call the Rainbow Urban Homestead about 2 miles from Gaia’s Peace Garden.  I have been a nurse for 15 years and then a pastor for 15 years.  Now retired I am a gardener.

I am a self declared Warrior of the Rainbow.  I offer Rainbow Spiritual Direction (RSD) which brings years of experience as a spiritual director together with Healing Touch. I have been certified in Spiritual Direction and a Practitioner of Healing Touch.

I am a caretaker and/or steward of Gaia’s Peace Garden in Iowa City.  Gaia’s is a sacred / safe space to practice and embody a new paradigm. Gaia’s is a Certified Botanical Sanctuary registered by United Plant Savers. Gaia’s is a place of serenity and a template to experience a new way of being. A calendar of Gaia’s for 2017 is available if interested!

blair frank
Rainbow Homestead &
Gaia’s Peace Garden

Press Articles

Iowa City Press Citizen Article 10.14

Cedar Rapids Gazette Article 7.15

Cultural Corridor Article 2.16


Waking Up & Getting Ready


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