Distant Healing

Energy follows thought.  Healing takes place at any distance.  In Distant Healing we arrange a time for the healing energies to happen so that you may be prepared to receive the healing energies.

With intention I enter into a healing “mode” and use principles of Healing Touch and creative visualization while following intuitively to support you and help your energies to flow through you.  If I sense blockages in the flow of your energies I use Healing Touch techniques to clear them.  In a non-interfering way I allow the energy to flow as it wills.  

I begin and end each treatment by greeting you with my heart chakra.  Together we are on equal level in that we both are participating in the healing.  There is a “healer” in each of us.

I offer Distant Healing at $65 per hour.  I am open to negotiate an energy exchange if desired.


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