Rainbow Spiritual Direction

What is Rainbow Spiritual Direction?

We begin by creating and holding safe sacred space and time as we envision what it might be like to live in a new paradigm.  I help you bring your operating system or set of beliefs that give you your way of viewing the world.  As we see clearly beliefs you hold we ask how well they are serving you.  And we ask if any of these beliefs are not serving you or perhaps contributing to a loss of clarity or focus.  Energy drains might be beliefs that no longer serve you.

We are all on a journey home. As we journey in a world that seems to be off course many are struggling to re member who we are- I might be able to help you remember. On my journey in the old paradigm and in the light of several near dying experiences I offer some tools for connecting dots which can lower stress and increase clarity of purpose.

It is my intention to help identify seeds of awareness of the healer and the leader within each of us. It is my intention to co-vision and co-create a world with you envisioned by Warriors of the Rainbow where all have the freedom to be who they are. When the many voices of authority in our lives tell us who we are we might be searching for the still small voice deep within that some call intuition.  Some call this voice our authentic voice or our soul.

We are all on a journey home- through a world of dying to an old way of being to a more beautiful world of rebirth and regeneration and a new way of being. Imagine a world you would want for those you love.  A world where there is no more hunger and all are cared for.  Imagine this world for you as well!

Cost of Services

I am offering a free 30 minute session for you to see if this works for you.  Then I offer an hour of Rainbow Spiritual Direction which can be Spiritual Direction or Healing Touch or a combination of both for $65.

I am willing to negotiate with energy exchanges if desired.


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