Rainbow Gardener?

Hello friends…….

I am needing to develop a meaningful way to pay my bills and need your help! I realize planting season may or may not be behind us but I am willing to help in many ways…… Would you or would you know anyone who might need my help? If so please forward this to your friends! I intend to post this on my Facebook and WordPress and create posters for the coop and the bread garden……

Please pass it on!

Thanks for your help and Lots of love……. blair
(I envision teams of gardeners with many others gathering to bring the abundance and beauty and community to Iowa City that we all know in our hearts is possible!


Gardening Assistance and/or Consultation

Starting a garden?
Rejuvenating a garden?
Regenerating a garden?
Want ideas?
Give me the dimensions of your yard and your goals!

Services offered:
– Soil preparation
– Water drainage
– Sheet mulching
– Plant selection and spacing
– Landscaping ideas
– Composting in place or in bins
– Cocreating garden pathways
– Building herb spirals

Who? Rainbow Gardener Blair Frank
How much? $15 / hour
Where? Contact me at bfrankecorev@gmail.com
Or at 319-721-7741
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