Healing Energies from a Distance

I felt Spirit energies flowing
As I prepared to give distance healing
And heard that Spirit energy
Would be clearing away dark clouds
And shrouds…..
To illuminate your true essence- and mine…..

As I asked questions of my guide
I heard a message I heard before
Dualities are becoming balanced into polarities
A Wholeness and Oneness is growing
As Raziel reminds me the secrets are unraveling……

Perhaps this is why the flow of Spirit energies
Is accelerating and getting amplified…..
As we dare to care and share……
Caring for our Self leads to sharing freely
Self care and self love first……
Emanating outward is the energies that can clear
As another healer awakens within another me…..

For we are one
There is no other
And Oneness continues as private and public
As rural and urban
As dualisms dis integrate
And energies integrate into the abundance
And beauty and community of Wholeness……

This is nothing less
Than awakening to the task I intend
To interweave heaven and earth
Only to become aware
There Wholeness and Oneness has always been……
I am……. Love…… That I am….. Forever……
An endless series of present moments……
Some call eternity…….



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