Healthcare for profit?

Are you connecting the dots?

A Healthcare system that is healthy
Protects the Water and the Soil and the Air!!!

We debate over brands and types of healthcare…..
All diversions to divide us into endless gridlock debates!

Why does it not surprise anyone we cannot afford to care for one another as long as we feed the fires of greed and corruption?

Our tax dollars support pipelines and poppy fields…..
War surges in Afghanistan- 16 years!!!!
Perpetual war there and the recent war in North Dakota
Yes North Dakota!
Are designed to protect only the greed and corruption
Of the Masters of War and Energy and Finance….
And the Masters of Food and Pharmacy
(They were recently married)…….

Now let’s see…….
Profits off of toxic oil risking Water!
We are 75% Water!
Profits off of taking land away from landowners
Abuse of Eminent Domain?
Ahhhh…… a continuation turning inward
Of over 500 years of isms like extractive and exploitative
And oppressive terror generating years of
Colonialism and Capitalism…..

All designed to benefit the wealthiest of wealthy
And profit off of the sick
By polluting and polluting and polluting
Water and Soil and Air!!!

Warriors of the Rainbow around Mother Earth
Are trying to get our attention!!!

Many are becoming aware of how toxic our waterways already are!
Animal concentration camps and increasing
Amounts of herbicides and pesticides

Before you bash me or send me a link telling me Roundup is safe see who is paying for the study!

Perhaps we ought to gather at the Statue of Liberty
And ask ourselves……
Is this really the land of the Free
Or the land of debt bondage and many who argue for it!!!


Before you bash me please get to know me!
Only friends now can visit at Gaia’s Peace Garden
Be my friend….l
I do not prescribe but can tell you
With a long time of self care and intensive re membering
I am free of almost every conventional med
I have ever been on
Epilepsy free now……
Stress levels?
I have high stress over the lack of truth
And leaders of Wholeness (integrity)…….
But I am not immobilized by stress…….

I am empowered by people like these in the picture!
And heroic leaders who are practical and visionary
Strategically partnering to cocreate and collaborate……
Iowa City and beyond…….

Back to the first lines
Protecting our Water is a first step towards
Universal healthcare!
Feed fires of healthcare by diverting war funds to those
Who protect the Water and Defend the Soil and Clear the Air!!!

Dare to?
I am a dreamer but by far……
I am not the only one…….

A self declared and unapologetic
Warrior of the Rainbow!!!!



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