The Immune System of Mother Earth

You might be wondering……
Where are religious leaders and city leaders and
A United socially conscious array of organizations
As disparate as the issues they focus on seem to be……

When we unite we are the immune system and practical visionaries of Mother Earth
And Mother Earth knows her fungi and mushrooms and Herbs and flowers have another powerhouse category awaiting for you and I to remember!

All together now!
Go to the mirror and look gently into the eyes
Looking back at you!
And gently say……
I am the leader I am waiting for!

Blame is a waste of time and lowers
Our collective and individual energies and immunities…….
Accountability is coming…..
Greed and corruption are heavy heavy
Dense energies to bear
And forgiveness LETS NOONE OFF THE HOOK!!!

Forgiveness lightens the load the forgiven bears!

Let go of your fear and join me
And so many others trying to get your attention!
But not interfering with your free will!

Lets collaborate and step into the wisdom within and all around us……
We are like fish swimming in an ocean of love…..
And Love is the answer
A practical answer
And a visionary answer



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