What’s up?

I am writing from Findhorn in northern Scotland in awe of the awesome energies flowing through me. I am not putting any location or any person or any belief system on a pedestal- even my beloved Findhorn. I am in awe still as I step back and observe.

I am observing it all being brought together! I am seeing and feeling convergences as dots connect and dualities become one and polarities are embraced into a Wholeness.

I am having a vision of Wholeness that just keeps getting more and more beautiful and radiant and exquisite.  And yet, it embraces more and more urgency as I share because I can!  And because of how blissful even as I am deeply aware of horrific exploitation and oppression and ecological devastation I feel called to share.

I am relaxing into this vision as attachments and expectations drop away as I let them go and as a whole new operating system resets and reconfigures allowing me to love who I AM……

Why the urgency?  Because while I am aware of the damage done by the old way of being even as I watch a current of hatred and blame and lies that incite fear flowing quite steadily I am aware of a far more powerful current capable of transmuting all.  Because I observe me and others whose habits and patterns and belief systems no longer serve me.  When we stop playing the old game and dare to disengage evolving into an amazing awareness of me being me.  No need to argue or be rude or mean.  But to cease playing the old game.

So, What’s up?

I have a vision of Wholeness in which love is being amplified and accelerated especially as the consciousness of allowing my heart to be open is allowing more and more options to appear.  I used to go between fight and flight when I encountered conflict or felt old pain surfacing.  I used to feel fear rising and separateness and scarcity delusions appeared.

I have a vision of Wholeness.  Separateness and scarcity are dis integrated and re integrated and re woven into a tapestry of Oneness or Wholeness where only Win Win Win scenarios exist.  Dualisms become one and embracing polarities become one or Wholeness.  No need to argue when a current of divine creative energies flow and are potentiated in a system of cooperation as a norm replacing competition.  A current of collaboration and cocreation become norms for a system where isms and labels no longer exist in a system where enhancing and empowering and encouraging become a norm because they flow freely when I re member who I AM…..

I AM an abundant and unlimited flow of unconditional love and divine hospitality and an attitude of gratitude emanating from my being……

Before I allow myself to say this isn’t possible I allowed myself to love my self totally.

Interested in discovering the healer within you or clearing blockages?  Please contact me!  I can help!  Rainbow Spiritual Direction?  Healing Touch?  More?

I love you abundantly and have a tool kit I want to share with you!  Love love love!!!!!  💦💜❤️🌿🌻💛🌈💛🌻🌿❤️💜💦



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