I have long been fearful of the power I might have…..  Then came to realize my power is in a christ consciousness matrix in which I am a conduit of this flow of power.

I saw a sign today: I blame my parents!  I It’s their fault?  I thought briefly with tongue in my cheek.  Blame is like a pail with holes.  If power is in the pail it leaks. (And I have long forgiven been forgiven and love unconditionally my mother and father!)

Power is evolving in my consciousness.  I grew up with beliefs that power is finite and to be accumulated and protected at all costs.  Like in Back Pages by the Byrds I was convinced power was a commodity like land to be defended.

I am at Findhorn Park tonight about to share my dream I had last night.  I am in a sacred space and sacred time where I sense such high consciousness continually evolving.  I see struggles here and see glimpses of being of the world.  I also see and celebrate panoramic views of abundance and beauty and community operating on a new paradigm.  Cocreating and collaborating and communicating are high priorities here as well as living out a new story.

I am mindful as I share…..
I looked for my body
And quickly moved on
Realizing I was listening
And hearing
A lesson on power…..

Power with and to em power
Is a sacred gift given
When totally aligned with the flow of the divine

As I pondered I heard….

Power learned from the old way of being
Beliefs in finite and scarcity and separateness
Are beliefs that lead to competition
And commoditization
And advertising
To impress and to gain advantage and accumulate
All of which becomes moot
As you evolve consciously….

Wholeness and being at One with all
Is a way of being where ownership is a moot topic!
Wholeness is re membering that
As a conduit of divine creative energies
I am permeated with a constant flow of bliss
And ecstasy…..
Abundance and beauty and community
Are cocreates as I ponder
As fast as I ponder…..
And as I envision color and sound
I clear blockages in myself
And others……

A Hara alignment….
A flow of cobalt blue electric light
And an awesome filling of brightness
As a star illuminates and fills me
A core star radiating golden sparkling beams
Outward as far as I choose to be……

Power is infinite you see….
Power is energy is everywhere…..
And being conscious of how it’s used
Or if it can be abused
To conquer or destroy or just impress
Is meaningless
In a Universe permeating and permeated by love
And the love is carried in the light…..

Power flowing freely…..
Is ecstasy and bliss in every present moment…..
Now you are conscious of such a sacred time
And sacred space…..
As your baggage is let go of
Increasingly you slip into the present moment of eternity
And you no longer have a need to be conscious
Of what is…..
For you are at one with all that is…..

Wholeness….. Remember?
Healing is remembering and healing is unlimited!
Power full and em powering…..
I love you…..
For ever and all ways!!!

Headed to bed. I see my body again. And give thanks to my body, to all I love. We are family! We are One!


 And I


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