I intend to continue to transition in the way I use Facebook…..

I am passionately committed to amplifying love and affirming and empowering all who I am able….. I do this in a variety of ways particularly as I connect the dots…..

I feel my energy drained as I write long blogs on Facebook and do not see any comments…. I do not invite them or ask questions like some of you do….. ย And I do write long blogs especially pointed out by some of you….. ย (

I continue to work on a WordPress site and will increasingly share links there and hope you might visit and let me know if my site is helpful to you!

I intend to keep connected with many of you- especially if we are raising each other’s energies!!!!

If we affirm and encourage or at least appreciate each other we can collectively transcend our differing belief systems with a Golden Rule guideline! Collaborate and communicate and cooperate!!!


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