Fearful? Imagine this!


If the Masters of War and Weapons makers want to fill their pockets and their egos they incite fear!  Incite fear in the masses.  Incite fear and spread the delusion of separateness.  Divide divide divide.  Distract and divert.

Some day.  A war is going to be held.   And no one is going to show up to wage it.

Why?  Because the veil is gone and awakenings are spreading and dots are connecting!

The Wars are created by the Masters of War who control the planet until the people see through their web of deception!

The Masters of War and  Weapon Makers are interwoven with the Masters of Fossil Fuels and the Masters of Food and Pharmaceuticals- they just married!  Hint….. Are we bombing countries with oil reservoirs and poppy fields to bring freedom and happiness to the world?   Bombing countries rich in resources to protect the people!  No!  To exploit and extract the resources?  Yes!

And now we connect the dots as riot clad gear mercenaries seeep down from North Dakota protecting the indigenous people?  No! Protecting a greed driven Toxic Oil pipeline!  #NODAPL

WE HAVE A CHOICE!  Responding with fear by arming up?

Or responding at a higher level of frequencies of consciousness than the heavy dense energies of the old paradigm that got us into the Global chaos we are in!

I AM……  LOVE…..  AND I SHARE THE LIGHT WITHIN ME THAT CARRIES LOVE……  A Rainbow of Color in the light I share……  I am a self declared Warrior of the Rainbow…..

Love is the answer to the massive waves of hatred and blame designed to incite fear!  Love is so much more than I was taught! Love is power with and em power ment!  Love seeks circles of empowerment and affirmation and builds community!

Love manifests or makes visible the truths of Abundance and Beauty and Community.

The Masters of War and mercenary riot clad gear hope we keep fighting.  They are desperately fearful of having a war and no one shows up!  They are desperately fearful we are re membering we are interconnected as the issues affecting us are.  We are family- we are as family as so many belief systems purport but then proceed to say my beliefs are more important than yours!  Beware of anyone seeking to divide and distract and divert!

Fearful we are going to wake up.  From the illusions of our separateness to the Truth of Oneness- a system of Wholeness is a system in which the Universe conspires with us.  The Universe has our back as we align with the massive flow of divine creative energies accessible as we re member who we are.  Caring and sharing and kindness are our true nature!  Cooperation and collaboration transcend competition and warfare!

Why kill each other when a universe is waiting to conspire with us as we cocreate and collaborate the more beautiful world awaiting us?

Imagine this!  What if this is Heaven? What if the dualism of heaven and earth is the Paradise of the Eternal Present Moment!

Re member…….  Ponder……

I am off…..  With my sleeves rolled up I am off to planting 40 more fruit trees as I expand a sacred space in sacred time with high energy masculine and feminine ley lines!  I am off and ask you to join me in a collective raising of energies far greater than the heavy dense fear- to a Golden Age Hara line energy in which our Core stars are rediscovered!

Re member?  Ponder?  Imagine if you dare…..

Open your heart and for a few moments…… Listen….. Be still…..

Love flowing…..  Overflowing……  Abundantly!!!



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  1. I believe if we keep doing what we are doing .. you and I that is .. there will come a time when the energy of our Love will actually influence each individual master that you spoke of … one at a time until the only ones left will be at the very top of that pyramid of ego and power where they will me few and ineffective. ♪♫♥♫♪

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