Co-creating Solutions

We are walking each other home.  A place awaiting for us to learn how to create!  Others have gone on ahead to prepare this place.  We walk together.  Collectively we co-create a space where all the dualisms become as One.   And time becomes simultaneous or eternally present moment.  Imagine!

I celebrate the passion and compassion of elders of the Rainbow of peoples and the voice and wisdom and love of Mother Earth in our present journey.  Collectively we are now transmuting the heavy dense energies and vibrations of hatred and blame pouring forth from so many including the ones who we elected to be our leaders.  Then radiating and emanating unconditional love!  A Violet flame and Rose Quartz beacon of light!

Colonialism and Empire are collapsing!  As we step into our power individually and collectively.  Reclaiming our power!  Some would rather die than change so they hold on desperately to the security of an old system that fills their pockets and feeds their appetite for self importance.  Sadly this worldview has wreaked massive suffering from extractive and exploitative and manipulative strategies designed to divide and distract.

Right now we are about to move past the distractions to cocreating eternity!  Join me?

A movement far greater is described by some as the Consciousness of Standing Rock!  A global village based on a new way of being- a new way of thinking- a new paradigm.  A worldview where relationships and power with is valued more than power over.

Empowering and collaborating are about to bring about fast synergistic relationships giving view to new options for BE ING as we reset and reconfigure our “operating systems” or worldview implanted by parents, teachers, pastors and vertical structured ways of being for horizontal circle around the Fire ways of being.  And be ing is about to be in balance with do ing.  As sacred worth becomes anchored within each of us not for our quantitative assembly line value but purely because you and I are created in the image of divinity and as such we are at one with our Creator or Source when we are aligned with the currency or flow of the will and consciousness of the Divine!

Beliefs that serve us well such as the law of Divine Oneness and of the Golden rule are interwoven into our BE ing.  Beliefs that serve our highest good and the highest good of the Universe are well worth pondering!

In my next blog I lay out a plan….  A vision for how I intend to cocreate a more beautiful world that I receive as beings share tools that empower and heal and bring about Wholeness.

in the meantime I grieve with those who grieve and celebrate with those who celebrate.  Imagine no more tears and access to freedom and happiness for all.

I am……  💦💜❤️🌻🌿💛🌈🌀🌎🌀🌈💛🌿🌻❤️💜💦



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