Healing the Protectors of Water: Water is our first Medicine!

I introduce here a friend who has a passion for Protecting Water.

Dennis was arrested recently with others as Standing Rock and Sacred Stone Camp were being evicted. He has a story to tell particularly if you are interested in protecting Water and freedom for all people.

My heart breaks and pours out light and love as I see a system that has collapsed- a fossil fuel and debt bondage and War based colonial system- that continues to oppress and exploit and threaten further destruction……

My heart breaks as I hear Dennis’ story- a story repeated many times with many variations in North Dakota and many many other places where pipelines line pockets and pollute waters. By arresting Indigenous people and Protectors of Water and Defenders of Soil and Air in the name of protecting the greed of Dakota Access- a toxic oil pipeline is a threat to you and me and the next 7 generations and more. Are you aware?

Dennis was released and met me here in Sioux Falls as we were singing to my mom on her birthday. Over the Rainbow was mom’s first request.

I am expanding in the light Dennis and so many of you are letting shine! I am grateful to you all. Β How are we going to potentiate and encourage and affirm as we heal and with love and power transmute and transition?

My heart is stronger as I allow the love and light of each of you add to the stories each of you could share! We are so power full as we cocreate a more beautiful world together!!!!

Dennis taught me about organic gardening and peace making with just relationships many years ago. We worked in a hospital together and lived in an intentional community together. As long as I can remember he has served the community he lives in. Β  We went to Sacred Stone a few months ago together and I am grateful to him and all Water Protectors and Defenders of Land and Air!

Dennis and I are committed to standing with the consciousness of Standing Rock. We stand up for the rights of all people- the Rainbow of Peoples even as our Water and Soil and Air are at risk if we and our children and children’s children are to be well!

Want to hear him tell his story? Let me know in the comments below and as he recovers I will let him know.

I am sending waves of love to all who Stand with Standing Rock- a movements of courage and vision and wisdom that cannot be evicted. The seeds of consciousness planted there are spreading world wide.

Thank you for letting me share! Iowa City and far beyond……


And thanks to you all for amplifying the love- to my mom and far beyond- back to you as well…… We are so much more powerful and compassionate as we affirm and uplift and raise our collective consciousness of our interconnectedness and abundance…… You are precious- all of us are!



3 thoughts on “Healing the Protectors of Water: Water is our first Medicine!

Add yours

    1. He is doing well…… He went to Sacred Stone for the second time and went to the front lines with others and was arrested with others just before the riot clad gear front line and humvees swept through the Oceti camp…. Dennis tells that he was treated better than most as he is white….. He was incarcerated for 33 hours and moved after a short time on a 4 hour bus ride to a private prison….. The heavy black handcuffs behind the back were not fun on a 4 hour bus ride! Held for a while in basically dog kennel type cells…..

      I am seeing if he will write his story because he shares many details and saw a lot….. He was there at the camp another 3-4 days and helped pack before the bulldozer came in at Sacred Stone…..

      He is resting and pondering next steps…..

      He is doing well yet quite concerned that he be able to share what’s happening….. I am hoping he is going to come visit me for a bit as there are other people from Standing Rock in a camp near me- 1 hour away- called Little Creek…..

      I know he sends you his love- do you have his phone?


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