Healing Happens at Gaia’s

.I help you talk about what isn’t supposed to be talked about making the unconscious conscious……. Sometimes grieving…… Sometimes celebrating……

We live in a time of transition as the death of an old system and the chaos and stresses that go along with it are giving birth to a much bigger system I call Wholeness…… Creation out of chaos…. Drawing upon deep wisdom from a wide array of spiritual traditions I help you see how the transition can be navigated by thinking differently…… A paradigm shift upon us gives us options and tools I might suggest….. The elders are masters of prevention……

Beginning by exploring and then remembering who you really are and helping you discover within your abilities for self-healing….. Letting go of beliefs and fears and traumatic memories are of the past and letting go of anxieties and worries about the future…… Detachment from rigid belief systems leading to forgetting who we are taught to be and remembering who we truly are……

Then….. We move into the present moment…..

Living more fully in the present moment is a goal and simultaneously an empowering and healing experience……

Together we build a Rainbow Bridge that helps us transition from the old way of being to a new way of being….. We ponder stepping stones of self care and self love coupled with kindness and caring, generosity and hospitality to others……. Giving and receiving….. Envisioning and visualizing……. Unconditional love and forgiveness….. Reconnection to Mother Earth….


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