Re member ing…..

Warriors of the Rainbow

We are re membering who we are
When we care and share
And treat each other as we would want to be…..

I envision…..
Eco villages around the planet…..
Borders no longer existing
As water reconnects us all!

Water is life!!!!!


Full employment as we agri hood the world…….
Grow food!
Make music and art!
Make love as you let your lights shine…..
You create love wherever your light shines!

Collectively let’s think differently
We first if we are to survive and thrive…..
Everyone is invited into the circle of wholeness……

I envision depression and mental illness being obsolete
Separateness is no more
As artists and musicians and dancers join with
Swarms of healers and herbalists and gardeners
Growing food as medicine…..

So separation and scarcity become well known
As dis integrated delusions
And interwoven and interconnected relationships
Form in a web of life
A christ consciousness grid of
Cocreation and Collaboration circles
As a new paradigm is practiced……

And soil and air and water and fire are honored
And given thanks for in ceremonies that
Heal and regenerate the fires within……

And all people are tended to
As we re member who we really are!!

We are one! We are family! Wholeness…..



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