What’s Next?

Waking up and Getting Ready…… excerpt

I once wrote a book called Waking Up and Getting Ready: About Gardens and Spirituality and Wellness… In 2008… As the events unfold and seeds of consciousness are spread I reread a chapter…..  Here is an excerpt…

“Where are we headed now?”
I can certainly say where I hope we are headed. I am hoping that a new awareness is coming much like that spoken about in Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth. I appreciate and agree with Tolle’s insights and vision for how humankind can gain a new awareness of who we truly are as human beings. The first chapter is so wonderfully entitled “The Flowering of Human Consciousness”. (4)

I believe that nothing less than a “new consciousness” will be required for humankind to face the challenges ahead of us. And I am convinced that a new consciousness will lead us to a place in religion and in society where a sacred sense of humility will replace our current “superiority complex” and will lead us to a more mature understanding of our spiritual journeys far beyond the consumer mentality.

I really appreciated a book called Sacred Quest by the late L. Robert Keck, and feel he articulates a direction worth moving towards. (5) I feel hope for the future of our culture and of humankind when I hear Keck speak about culture and civilization from the beginning of creation.

Keck talks about “emergent deep values” in what he refers to as the “emergent future”.

💦. The first one will be re-membering that which we “dis-membered” ten-thousand years ago- “humanity and nature”. There will be a renewed appreciation for nature and the environment. We see it happening each time we hear someone is going “green”.

Also, as Keck points out, one of the many “ramifications” of this new deep value will be the end of patriarchy: its time in history is over. Healing has begun as well as the “sure to fail” resistance as men who do not understand that everyone is uplifted when men and women are equally valued in practice as well as in theory.

💦. The “ubiquity of wholeness” is the second deep value. A ramification is the increasing awareness that “everything in the universe is interconnected and interrelated.

💦. A third deep value is the democratization of power coinciding with the collapse of colonialism, imperialism and totalitarianism around the world.

💦. And finally, the fourth is the deep value of the spirituality of time heralding the realization that every present moment is a sacred opportunity and holds all of eternity in each present moment. (6)

These “emergent deep values” make a lot of sense to me. They represent healing and the restoration of sanity to a mad world. But as daily events reveal these days its safe to say there will be a great deal of pain and sorrow along the way.

I am… Awake… And I reflect you… Magnificence and Beauty… And Wholeness within me… A reflection of you… We are related… Namaste…


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