Who are the leaders?

Who are the leaders?

I wrote this as a response I keep waiting to hear from some of the leaders I wait for…… Then I remember I am the leader (we are) that I am waiting for…… here is what I wrote on leaders and empowering new leaders as I pondered new attacks on the people and the entire ecosystem also known as Mother Earth…….


I asked the shining light beings
And I asked for help……
I felt as though I was sinking into strange heavy energies
And I asked can I share?

If you are afraid and fearful I understand yet I ask you to breathe well and read on……

We are able to step into our power as Warriors of the Rainbow πŸ’¦πŸŒˆπŸ’¦ as we harness and channel our outrage and pain and fear into responding as the One people we truly are……

We cannot transcend this kind of hatred that comes not only from the man we just elected as president but to each of us if we allow this to happen…… I mean that we are each immersed in an old belief system that tells us we are not good enough and not beautiful enough and not powerful but helpless….. Culture has many ways of inculcating this into us- the media and educational and political and religious systems included…….

Wholeness is a system that re members the Cosmology as well as the ecology of our situation…… Beginning with a sense of awe and of gratefulness we have stepping stones to a new way of being…… Being who we really are and not who we were told we are……. Some beliefs might still serve us and the highest good of all…… Some do not……

Protectors of the Water and Defenders of the Land understand that what I am saying! Urgent!!! A WE ARE FAMILY response is needed……. Warriors of the Rainbow unite!!!!

We are united as Warriors of the Rainbow by the war on Mother Earth- the oppression and exploitation that has blinded many of us to our entitlements and orivieges at the expense of the poor here in the USA and around this beautiful orb we call home!!!! We are united in response to the hatred upon minorities and the poor and the outcasts and the misfits…… I AM ONE!!! I Stand with anyone on deportation lists! I STAND WITH THE PROTECTORS OF WATER AND DEFENDERS OF LAND!!!!

We are ONE family and it’s more urgent now than ever to gather in circles of support…… Anyone excluded from the circles lowers our vibrations…… Everyone who chooses to be family now accelerates an already rising momentum of sanity…… Collaborating and cocreating and communicating to transcend hatred with a tsunami of well coordinated well communicated regenerative strategies with organizations and people rising together as the immune system of the planet!!!!

Want to collaborate! Reach out to each other to grieve and let the e motions flow….. The e motions and our light and our love are like an unprecedented tsunami of power to help cocreate the world we dare imagine! Accountability yes….. Revenge and violence begets new disproportionate cycles of violence!!!!

Energy drains happen as we bash and blame….. Allow energy drains to heal and flow and be transmuted collectively as we channel love and massive small acts of kindness and generosity…….

It’s not getting worse! It’s just that you are beginning to see the system doesn’t work anymore! Colonialism and global greed and corruption ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE,!!

Love is regenerative and healing beyond what my words can convey…… Be love…… Allow yourself to be loved by yourself and you begin to learn the process of being grounded- and how to be in the present moment….. Letting go of the past and letting go of the future- fears and anxieties- and you find yourself in the present moment!!!!

The present moment is the moment in which you and I and masses of others around the planet united by the Water in our very beings can access the power needed to truly be the abundant and beautiful and compassionate people we truly are……. Creative visualize with me as violet flames comb through the greed and corruption and evil wherever they are…… Love and light far transcends the powers of darkness and evil……… imagine……



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  1. You are an inspiration I am one with all light and will continue to send love and compassion to all children and the Mother rising the vibration!!! Out of the month of my beloved no negativity the answer is all there within πŸ’šπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’¦πŸŒ³
    Embracing you brother in love and light!

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