Rainbow Gardener?

Hello friends....... I am needing to develop a meaningful way to pay my bills and need your help! I realize planting season may or may not be behind us but I am willing to help in many ways...... Would you or would you know anyone who might need my help? If so please forward this... Continue Reading →


Current Events and Isms?

Win win win (if you resonate please comment and/or share) A word about current unfolding events....... Divide and conquer strategies are isms....... Isms are divisions and distractions in the spotlight Isms are tools to control and lead to blame Hatred and War! War is good for no thing! The dualisms are designed to distract And... Continue Reading →

Healing Energies from a Distance

I felt Spirit energies flowing As I prepared to give distance healing And heard that Spirit energy Would be clearing away dark clouds And shrouds..... To illuminate your true essence- and mine..... As I asked questions of my guide I heard a message I heard before Dualities are becoming balanced into polarities A Wholeness and... Continue Reading →

Colonialism and Capitalism

https://www.youtube.com/embed/vdR9HcmiXLA?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent Canada’s Schools “To Take the Indian out the Child” – Commission Rules Cultural Genocide* By Amando Flavio When we say the Europeans contact with the Native Americans was nothing but a disaster, we’re not joking. In every corner of the Earth where Europeans set foot, they saw themselves as superior. European contact with the... Continue Reading →

Healthcare for profit?

Are you connecting the dots? A Healthcare system that is healthy Protects the Water and the Soil and the Air!!! We debate over brands and types of healthcare..... All diversions to divide us into endless gridlock debates! Why does it not surprise anyone we cannot afford to care for one another as long as we... Continue Reading →

It’s a choice…….

Universal health care is a choice....... It is not an economics issue..... And it's not a congressional issue...... It's a choice...... I walked with Jesus last night and as maligned as he is He walks with me now and then and we talk..... I do not care if you believe me or not...... Last night... Continue Reading →

The Immune System of Mother Earth

You might be wondering...... Where are religious leaders and city leaders and A United socially conscious array of organizations As disparate as the issues they focus on seem to be...... When we unite we are the immune system and practical visionaries of Mother Earth And Mother Earth knows her fungi and mushrooms and Herbs and... Continue Reading →

Blue Angels

Blue Angels....... I walk along the path And say hi to an ordinary mystic In a bright red coat (Dorothy Maclean) As she walks by me...... Oh the love and golden light about her Huge smile I felt a consciousness A sacred space and sacred time Incarnation and integration Coherency and collaboration Encircling and Interweaving... Continue Reading →

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